Which categories would be most useful?


We need to create some categories to file topics. How do you think this should be structured?

A few ideas:

  • Ontology Design
  • Questions
  • Tooling? and then tags per language, or would you rather have a category per language (start with say JavaScript, Python, Java, and Other Languages and create a new language category as soon as there are a few topics for one language in Other)?


ad Tooling, I would gradually add category per language


Good question, is this working in a stack-overflow like manner where one adds multiple tags for a post? If so I would have common languages and then some additional RDF related tags like sparql, turtle, JSON-LD etc.

  • +1 for category per language
  • also I would like to have a category to present RDF related projects (show and tell)


yep great idea with show and tell, use-case like stuff. When I posted on hackernews some started to ask me questions so we need a place to discuss potential use-cases as well and how to approach it. Like architecture/design/approach support or something alike


I would like to add:

  • Education or Educational Resources, not sure what is more “English”
  • RDF Data Cubes


I added these two :+1:


Hi folks,

first, I’d like to say thanks for creating this forum. I think this is a much-needed resource for this community.

When putting together social channels where users of the RDF.ex libraries could ask questions or share thoughts, I was searching exactly for something like this. So, I wanted to kindly ask if you could also add Elixir or RDF.ex (whatever you prefer) as a sub category of the tooling category, so I would have a URL I could point users to more directly?


Sure, done: https://discuss.rdf.community/c/rdf-tooling-libraries/elixir

(I haven’t had the chance to try your libs but I really enjoy Elixir and it’s definitely in my plans!)