SPARQL Connector for Google Data Studio


Sometimes ago I built a connector for Google Data Studio which allows issuing SPARQL SELECT queries to the endpoints and using the results in your reports. We use it in production.

The description and an example report is in datastudio-sparql-connector repo.

P.S. The connector isn’t available in the community connectors gallery yet, because of some organizational issues. But if there’s enough interest, I may find time to solve them.

Looking forward to your feedback!


Nice thanks! Google Data Studio is JS based? If so, did you see what we did here?


Yes, you write connectors and visual components in Javascript. But for the deployment, you have to use Google Script.

If so, did you see what we did here?

Yeap, but unfortunately it won’t work out-of-box in the Data Studio, I think. Because you have to develop a visual component using the Data Studio API (see Community Visualizations), but I hope it’s possible to import an external library.

Google Data Studio is great when you don’t want to deploy a web app or do any coding. It has a nice set of charts.


This is a fantastic example of productivity tools that are required to simplify Linked Data understanding while also amplifying its utility etc…

Spreadsheets are powerful tools used by knowledge-workers and subject-matter experts.

In the past, I’ve demonstrated how you can use a SPARQL Query Results Document URL to import data directly into Google Spreadsheets, but that approach is still relatively low-level [even though its just a cell formula that leverages the ImportData() function] compared to a Google Data Studio Connector.

I encourage you to both publish your connector and describe it using an RDF doc by simply forking the examples we have provided. Once the description is in place it can be slurped (imported) into various Linked Data enclaves that are part of the LOD Cloud which then increases discoverability.