Moving to Github Discussions & closing this forum


Hi everyone,

As you probably all noticed we did not get lot of traction here, just a few people showed up & asked questions and had interactions.

We @zazuko currently host the discourse forum. For technical reasons (it’s annoying to maintain) we decided to stop this instance and give the community a new try on the GitHub Discussion feature.

We have a “rdf-community” GitHub org and I will happily give access to those who would like to co-own with us. It is and should be independend of any company so we can have open discussions about RDF & its stack.

I hope we will get some more engagement there, at least potentially everyone with a GitHub account can immediately start posting there.

This forum will disappear in the next weeks & we will redirect the URL to the forum on GitHub:

See you on the other side :wink:

Tools for exploration of existing RDF ontologies, shapes, data models