Looking for a SPARQL Docset for Dash


I use Dash to manage all my docsets for languages I am using, as do many developers. It would be wonderful to have a SPARQL Docset that could be loaded into Dash or other docset clients.

Anyone know about or working on a SPARQL Docset already?


I want this for all W3C specs. Please share it if you find something.


I seem to have missed that so far. What would that do for SPARQL? I had a look at some videos and get it for programming languages but not sure about RDF & SPARQL.

@marcel you know https://prefix.zazuko.com/ ? Something like this in this DASH thing?


To be fair, my wish to have all the W3C specs in Dash available might be quite special. As an implementer of several of these specs, I want them to be available offline and through the familiar Dash interface, but there certainly are not that many implementers. But esp. for SPARQL, it might be useful also for users who want to lookup the definitions of the language constructs and functions.

Yes, I know of your prefix service and use it regularly. Huge kudos for providing this great service. Having its content available offline and through the slick Dash interface would be awesome.

BTW: By not being familiar with Dash, I assume you’re not a Mac user, so you might be interested in it’s platform-independent open-source clone https://zealdocs.org/ which also uses the same Dash docset format.