Linked Open Statistical Data Dimensions


In January 2019 there was an Eurostat LOD meetup in London where several interesting projects in the domain of RDF Data Cubes were published. During this discussion Dan Brickly and myself started talking about aligning dimensions across data sets LSD Dimensions, an issue that comes up on a regular base once people start publishing cubes as linked data.

Dan asked me to collect a list of existing dimensions “in the wild”, started doing that with a simple script. Dan himself moved the idea to a python based notebook.

Later @VladimirAlexiev pointed me to this paper by Sarven Capadisli and Albert Meroño-Peñuela, which is from 2014. It points to a now defunct site called LSD Dimensions, code seems to be available on GitHub.

Long story short is that it makes sense to re-start this effort and think about possible approaches of maintaining lists of dimensions and maybe also attributes and measures online.