Linked Data Platforms & Applications Directory


Hi All,

This is a great initiative!

I am hoping we can use this new collaborative space to construct a long overdue directory of applications that enable productive use of RDF and its deployment using Linked Data Principles.

Building the aforementioned directory is a very natural way to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Linked Data. For instance, we can use any combination of the following to get this process going en route to creating the aforementioned directory:

  1. Google Spreadsheet – I will convert this into 5-Star Linked Data and share here
  2. Github Repos – to be forked emulated etc


In addition to the suggestions above, everything in this discourse hosted discussion space can be immediately transformed into 5-Star Linked Data using an instance of Virtuoso that has the Linked Data Middleware (“Sponger”) module enabled.

Example Linked Data URIs:


Thanks Kingsley, I indeed also want to have some kind of directory. There are a bunch of existing lists outside, I participated in some on GitHub. It would probably make sense to list them in here as a starting point.

There are two aspects to what I have in mind, one technical, one non-technical:

  1. I would like to bootstrap this list the eat your own dogfood way. So I would be perfectly fine with a Turtle file for a start that we maintain in Git and do pull-requests on it for new things. Benefit of Turtle to let’s say CSV is that we can experiment a bit in what form such a list would be useful. In a second step one obviously wants to builds one or more “webapps” on top of it so we can search it better and show how RDF helps on that. That was the technical part.
  2. For the non-technical part, I do not want to have a list that lists every triplestore/tool/library ever created. One thing I find highly annoying is to figure out which of the 1000 options people give me actually is a) doing something useful and b) still actively maintained. I sometimes spend days to figure out that some code is simply not worth spending any more time on it. So my idea is to list resources that are worth exploring.


Turtle via github is fine. That’s one option that will work for a specific contributor profile. Thus, we should just get the repo announcements and fork activity going pronto :slight_smile:


@kidehen what is your GitHub user? I can add you to the org so you could create a repo for it


Yes, but the non-technical contributor can do so by either contributing to the Google Spreadsheet I shared, or make their own.

Bottom line, once the information is in a Spreadsheet RDF conversion is trivial. As part of this process I will also share LOD Refine mappings too!


I am kidehen everywhere :slight_smile:

There are strange restrictions here that don’t allow github URIs?


@kidehen you should have an invite for a “directory” repository. Regarding links, seems to be some default setting on Discourse, I think @vhf tuned it meanwhile