Ideas for new wiki content


Editor accounts on the wiki are using github oauth but for some reason we have to manually enter the github account’s email address in the wiki admin interface (whitelist) before you are able to sign-in. Please send me your e-mail address in private and you’ll get access asap.

Here are a some ideas of pages that would be useful:

Page: RDF looks interesting, where to learn about RDF

Links to primers, books, external resources for newcomers. We should allow ourselves (the members) some subjective remarks about these resources. We could write this is the best article to start with but it glosses over SPARQL or this primer is a bit old and the tooling it presents has changed since its publication but it’s still a good starting point.

Page: Why RDF? List of use cases

Present use cases, we could indicate clearly (or split) two categories: use cases where RDF is a better technological fit than other technologies, use cases where RDF is a good philosophical fit. If that makes sense.


Here are the highest-voted RDF-related questions on StackOverflow. It’s a rough indication for what people are looking for.

The biggest theme seems to be how RDF relates to other technologies. RDF vs OWL? Microdata? Property Graphs? RDFS? Document DBs?


great idea @cygri, would be a good starting point for some longer, technical posts.